Introduction to GBA Plus

Evaluation and monitoring

Evaluation and monitoring functions provide important information for assessing the effectiveness of policies, programs and initiatives. This includes providing guidance on strengthening or revamping them where necessary.

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Some considerations for incorporating GBA Plus in evaluation and monitoring are:

  • Were diverse perspectives assessed and factored into the initial design?
  • Does the sex- and/or gender-disaggregated data being used in the evaluation phase include diverse people?
  • Have baseline indicators been established to measure the effectiveness of the initiative, and are they conducive to assessing the impact on various sub-groups of the target population? If not, what data collection methods would best measure outcomes for these groups?
  • Are there gaps in the quantitative or qualitative data needed to effectively measure outcomes? How could these gaps be filled?
  • Are there differences in how various groups access or experience the program or service? Are there gaps that pose risks or create unintended barriers for some groups? How can these gaps be filled?