Introduction to GBA Plus

Meet the people who will introduce you to GBA Plus

Gender-based Analysis Plus (or GBA Plus) is about analyzing how people are impacted by the decisions we make.

Have you considered how the issues you address in your work might impact these individuals? Or how gender, culture, ability and other diverse factors might impact the effectiveness of a government initiative?

As a federal public servant, you can use GBA Plus to better address the needs of diverse groups of women, men and gender diverse people.


This is Meera. She just turned 17. She lives with her mom, dad and two younger brothers in an apartment in a big city. Her family arrived as refugees a few years ago.


This is Mary. She is an Indigenous woman in her mid-60s. She suffers from heart disease, which makes it difficult for her to play with her grandchildren.

Joseph and Marco

Meet Joseph and Marco. They are young professionals who have recently married and adopted their first child.


This is Jean-Philippe. He is a 10 year old boy who loves to paint and sculpt. He is from a middle-income family that lives in a small town.