Introduction to GBA Plus


Welcome to Introduction to Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus).

Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) GBA Plus is an analytical tool to support the development of responsive and inclusive initiatives, including policies, programs, and other initiatives. GBA Plus is a process for understanding who is impacted by the issue being addressed by the initiative; identifying how the initiative could be tailored to meet diverse needs of the people most impacted; and anticipating and mitigating any barriers to accessing or benefitting from the initiative.

Why do public servants need a course on Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus)?

Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA Plus) serves in the development, implementation, and monitoring of federal government initiatives. It is grounded in the idea that all people — no matter where they come from, what they look like, the neighbourhood they live in or how they identify — should have access to quality programs, services, facilities, places and spaces that improve their lives and communities and that provide them equal access to opportunities. Understanding potential impacts on people helps make for better decisions and better programs. In addition, GBA Plus helps address inequalities by identifying opportunities to better design initiatives to facilitate access for those who have, and continue to be, excluded. This course on GBA Plus provides a foundational approach to understanding how various factors, histories and lived realities that make up who we are and the world around us interact to shape our experiences and social, health, and economic outcomes.

This course provides guidance on GBA Plus as a tool to assess how the needs and experiences of different groups of people are influenced by intersecting parts of their identity, the context they are in and their lived experiences. It raises awareness about GBA Plus as an analytical tool in ensuring equitable benefits and opportunity for everyone.