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Parental leave evolution: An example of a flexible option

Explore these timelines by reviewing each of the dates to see what identities and realities were taken into consideration and how each decision would have affected Joseph and Marco.

Timeline for same-sex marriage in Canada:

British Columbia and Ontario allow same-sex marriage

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Canada passes federal same-sex marriage law

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Timeline for parental leave in Canada:

No benefits for parents

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Maternity leave introduced

Read more 1971

Adoption leave added to parental leave benefits

Read more 1984

Maternity, adoption, and parental leave benefits

Read more 1990

Parental leave extended

Read more 2001

Quebec establishes the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP)

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Eligibility period extended for Canadian Forces members

Read more 2010

Parental leave introduced for self-employed individuals

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An example of a flexible option

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