Introduction to GBA Plus

What is Gender-based Analysis Plus?

GBA Plus is an analytical tool to support the development of responsive and inclusive initiatives, including policies, programs, and other initiatives. GBA Plus is a process for understanding who is impacted by the issue being addressed by the initiative; identifying how the initiative could be tailored to meet diverse needs of the people most impacted; and anticipating and mitigating any barriers to accessing or benefitting from the initiative. GBA Plus is also an ongoing process that does not stop once an initiative has been developed. GBA Plus is an analytical tool that can be applied to all stages of initiative development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Applying GBA Plus early in the policy development process ensures that diversity considerations are embedded in the decision-making process, allowing for responsive and inclusive initiatives that meet the needs of diverse groups of people.

Figure 1. GBA Plus requires considering a broad range of factors

As learned in the previous modules, In doing GBA Plus, many factors should be considered. The needs and experiences of different groups of people are influenced by intersecting parts of their identity, the context they are in and their lived experiences. Figure 1 highlights a range of factors that can work together to shape these experiences and outcomes. In this way, GBA Plus is an intersectional analysis.

GBA Plus also considers the context within which people live, including systems and structures of power. When we consider how these factors work together, we recognize that there are as many differences within groups of people as there are between groups. This recognition is important for doing GBA Plus well and thoroughly.

GBA Plus may differ according to the context and sector (health, education, transportation, etc.), but the core elements remain the same. It can be applied no matter what your role and is relevant in every organization’s work. You may be surprised by what you learn!

Remember that now is always the right time to start your GBA Plus. It works best if you start early, but you can start at any time and at any stage of a work cycle.