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Youth fitness case study

Factor 2: Gender analysis

Sex and gender-disaggregated data are the foundation of gender analysis. When gender is considered, our data shows boys (56%) are more likely than girls (45%) to participate in regular organized sports activities.

Taking this information into account during the development of a youth fitness initiative could dramatically improve its effectiveness.

Questions to consider

Questions to consider

  • Why are there different levels of participation between girls and boys?
  • Is this difference a result of sex (female vs. male) or gender (the social expectations and practices of being a girl or a boy) or a combination of both?
  • Are there differing levels of participation among girls based on various intersecting factors? For example, age, ethnicity, geography, socio-economic status?
  • What do initiatives in other jurisdictions tell us? Are they generally more effective in encouraging boys than girls to be physically active?