Introduction to GBA Plus

Illustrating the GBA Plus process: Forest sector case study

8 - Communicate the initiative

Communications strategies announcing the new initiative can contribute to its success by demonstrating to the local community that the local context, ecosystems and population have been considered.

Communications products should be tailored to engage both local innovators and potential workers in the sector, focusing on recruitment of key groups that have traditionally been under-represented in the forestry workforce.

These could include, for example:

These could include, for example:

  • Materials and messaging aimed at community groups, demonstrating respect for local ecosystems and traditions as a source of innovation.
  • Advertising campaigns geared at young Indigenous people, to challenge industry stereotypes and encourage a more diverse workforce at all levels and in all sub-sectors.
  • Consideration should also be given to the most effective means of reaching stakeholders—for example, through the local newspaper, radio, community bulletin boards, websites, social media or other means.