Introduction to GBA Plus

Illustrating the GBA Plus process: Forest sector case study

7 - Document the process and findings

As GBA Plus is an evidence-based process, it is critical to document your research and findings, including any consultations (formal or informal).

For example, as part of the GBA Plus for this initiative, the following sources were used:

  • Bombay, Harry. “Many things to many people: Aboriginal forestry in Canada is looking toward balanced solutions.” Cultural Survival Quarterly 17.1 (Spring 1993).
  • Natural Resources Canada. Aboriginal Communities and Forestry [online]. 2010.
  • Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada. The State of Canada's Forests. Annual Report 2013 [online]. 2013.
  • Employment and Social Development Canada. Canadians in Context – Aboriginal Population [online]. 2014.
  • Statistics Canada. 2006 Census of Population. Statistics Canada catalogue no. 97-559-XCB2006011.

List all individuals and organizations consulted, including notes from interviews.