Introduction to GBA Plus

Moving beyond sex and gender

As you know already, people have a multitude of identities and are not homogenous. Our lived experiences are affected and shaped by how intersecting factors interact with our specific sociocultural, political, and economic context. As an intersectional analytical process, GBA Plus ensures that all aspects of diversity are considered when an initiative is analyzed and aligns initiatives with the Government’s commitment to inclusivity. GBA and the “plus” attempts to account for differences in the outcomes of federal initiatives on diverse groups of women, men and non-binary people based on various factors that may influence an individual’s experience of federal initiatives.

Video Transcript

Video Transcript

Beyond sex and gender

We all have multiple factors that intersect to make us who we are.  A stick-figure appears inside a circle with several intersecting lines moving all around it.
This is called intersectionality. TEXT ON SCREEN – The word INTERSECTIONALITY appears and a box is drawn around it. The “plus” in gender-based analysis plus acknowledges that GBA goes beyond sex and gender. It examines how sex and gender intersect with other identities such as: race, ethnicity, religion, age or mental or physical disability.

The GBA Plus logo appears. A new plus sign spins out from the plus sign in the GBA Plus logo as the GBA Plus logo disappears. Several intersecting lines appear around the plus sign. The words Sex and Gender appear on the horizontal bar of the plus sign.
TEXT ON SCREEN – The following words fly out from the center of the plus sign: BEYOND, EXAMINES, INTERSECT, IDENTITIES
Four new bars appear on the plus sign forming a pin-wheel. The following 10 words appear on each arm of the pinwheel: Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Age, Disability, Geography, Culture, Income, Sexual orientation, Education.

Use GBA Plus to examine all the intersecting factors of diverse groups of people so that you can be more inclusive in your approach to developing, delivering and evaluating initiatives.

A pair of shoes are walking across the top of the screen. The shoes transform into different styles: sneakers, pumps, loafers. Then the bottom portion of a wheelchair moving forward replaces the shoes. The green sneakers of the person in the wheelchair are visible. Then walking sneakers replace the wheelchair, which are then replaced by the pumps.
The GBA Plus logo appears above the pinwheel. A stick-figure walks toward the pinwheel and then the pinwheel rolls away off screen. Fireworks appear around the stick-figure as a desk appears and the stick-figure sits down. The stick-figure opens a laptop and types on it.
TEXT ON SCREEN - The following words fly out from the laptop: DEVELOPING, DELIVERING, EVALUATING, INITIATIVES