Introduction to GBA Plus

Building a framework to support GBA Plus in your organization


The GBA Plus framework elements are as follows:

  1. Identifying a Responsibility Centre
  2. Undertaking an organizational needs-assessment
  3. Training and tools
  4. GBA Plus “pilot” initiative
  5. A policy statement, or statement of intent
  6. Ongoing monitoring of progress

Case Study: GBA Plus framework in a public security organization

Case Study: GBA Plus framework in a public security Organization

1 - Background

The Rockford Police Department (RPD) has committed to developing a workforce that reflects the growing diversity of the community it serves, in order to ensure an effective community policing model. This includes a commitment to taking measures to increase diversity in their workforce.

In Canada today, 22-24% of police officers are female and represent only 9.5% of senior leadership positions. Women officers are also underrepresented in many specialized units, and continue to be concentrated in administrative support, community relations, and units dealing with sex crimes, child and domestic abuse. 

The Rockford Police Department feels that having more diversity in all units will lead to greater effectiveness and innovation.

Over the past eight years, the RPD has taken measures to attract more women.  As a result of the department’s Outreach Recruitment Project, the RPD is about 2.1% above the national average for female police officers, but there has been little progress in overall workforce diversification, especially in the senior ranks and in specialized units.

Internal data also shows retention issues – women leave the department before retirement at a rate three times higher than that of men. The department is not sure why – whether this is a matter of choice or whether other workplace conditions are influencing their decisions.

The continued lack of diversification has signalled to the department that recruitment campaigns alone are not the answer.

Using GBA Plus will allow the RPD to thoroughly analyze the experiences of diverse women and men, and to assess whether certain groups are being disadvantaged by policies, programs and practices, preventing them from fully contributing to the department’s internal and external objectives.

To support this work, the department has decided to implement a GBA Plus framework. This will allow the RPD to not only identify barriers across the department, but also to proactively incorporate GBA Plus into future policies, programs and initiatives affecting employees, as well as the community of Rockford.