Introduction to GBA Plus

Building a framework to support GBA Plus in your organization


In this section, you will be provided with detailed information about each of the key elements of a GBA Plus framework.

You will also review a case study to demonstrate how an organization in the public security sector implemented and benefited from a GBA Plus framework.

GBA Plus is often viewed as relevant only to the social policy sectors. This case study will illustrate how GBA Plus can be applied in highly operational sectors, including, for example, military and defence, border management, and other public security sectors.

While GBA Plus is not primarily about human resources, it can also assist in digging deeper into systemic issues which may in turn be affecting diverse representation in certain workforces.

The same framework elements apply regardless of your organization or sector. All of the elements are essential to the framework, although they do not necessarily have to be implemented in the order below. Some may occur simultaneously; or, some elements may already be in place in your organization, providing a basis around which to build the rest of the framework.