Introduction to GBA Plus

Final Quiz

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Question 1 (Select the best answer.)

Gender is:


Question 2 (Select the best answer.)

GBA Plus is a process to:


Question 3 (True or false.)

Historical disparities do not need to be considered in the development of new policies, programs, and legislation.


Question 4 (True or false.)

Before you begin developing a policy or program, you will already know whether an issue impacts diverse groups of people differently based on your individual experience.


Question 5 (Select the best answer. )

Who is responsible for applying GBA Plus?


Question 6 (True or false.)

Conducting GBA Plus will always conclude that disparities exist between men and women.


Question 7 (Select all that apply.)

Steps in the GBA Plus process include:


Question 8 (Select the best answer.)

Which of these situations reflects bias/discrimination due to intersecting factors, as opposed to a single factor?


Question 9 (Select the best answer. )

Parental leave policies are an example of a flexible approach because:


Question 10 (Select all that apply.)

Documenting the GBA Plus process can assist you with: